FREE 20-30 Credit Score Points!

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Increase Your Credit Score

An ongoing series of informational entries

Five Elements of Credit Score

1. Payment History

2. Balances

3. Length on Bureau

4. New Credit - Includes Inquiries

5. Mix of Credit

Four Components of Credit Report

1. Personal

2. Public Records

3. Accounts

4. Inquiries

Credit Score Points

Go to either one of these websites to pull your reports. Cancel within 7 days 888.888.8553 so you will not be charged! This one gives you scores.


To gain 20-30 points all your personal information needs to be identical so you write letter with date to each bureau with a copy of your current driver’s license. The letter should read something like this:

To Transunion, Experian, Equifax

I noticed after reviewing my credit report there were some discrepancies with my personal information.

That is it! Fax each letter to each bureau with your DL. Give it 48-72 hours.

95% of the time your personal info is incorrect.

FAX Numbers

EQUIFAX 1-888-826-0549

TRANSUNION 610-546-4771

EXPERIAN 972-390-5790

If you get a busy signal try after 9PM


Horizon Card Services

  • $500 Credit Limit
  • No Credit Check
You will have to shop on their website only. I will be adding more ways to get credit in the future. Go to this website link and apply.

Call (800)SUCCEED or email.

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